Holistic wellness in the heart of downtown Bangkok

Relax & recharge through Kundalini & Kids Yoga, Reiki, Sound Healing & Meditation

Relax, rebalance & rejuvenate through yoga, meditation, sound healing & reiki...

Recharge through Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Sound Healing, Meditation & Essential Oils



Are you looking for a  healthier, happier and more fulfilling lifestyle for yourself, and those you care about? I believe health, happiness and inner peace result from balancing the sacred trinity of BODY, MIND & SPIRIT. If any of these areas are neglected or strained, we suffer.

Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Water Therapy and Essential Oils are cathartic and deeply beneficial, holistic healing tools that help us cover these three crucial areas of our lives. Finding yourself here now, being aware of your issues is already a positive move in the right direction and no matter how great or small your steps are, how gradually or quickly you find your balance and happiness, progress is far better than feeling stuck.

At our vintage home studio in downtown Bangkok set in the verdant oasis of Pitak Court in Sathorn soi 1, we are happy to offer a selection of holistic healing modalities to suit your needs, including:

If you or someone you care about would like guidance towards a better life and inner balance, I encourage you to take the first step of your healing journey…


Melanie / Ajeet Nam Kaur


“Not only is Melanie a gifted healer and gifted psychic, she is a natural counsellor. With a heart the size of her healing room and a natural empathy for people, you really get the full service from a session with Melanie.”

- Rory Walton Stewart, UK

“As a healer myself, Melanie is one of the few people I would approach for help during the times when my own challenges dominate. That is the highest recommendation that anyone can give and Melanie certainly gets my recommendation as a healer, a guide and an amazing source of love and light.”

- Paul Wakefield, UK

“Your gorgeous house’s atmosphere, location, the people you attract and the food in the area made this 7-day DPA meditation class so special for me. Love you so much!”

- Pook Kanitha Jarukirati, Bangkok

“I was a wreck and believe me when you are a sailor, a wreck means a lot to you.  Thanks to Reiki sessions with Melanie, I managed to “pick myself up.” From a state of despair as I was thinking about jumping off my 18th floor tiny flat to being the person I’m today is a world of difference.  Thank you Melanie, you’re an angel, a guardian, a healer, you are a great little lady!”

- Gigi Bovy, Belgium

“My Reiki session with Melanie was very much the perfect guru showing up at the synchronicitiously perfect moment. A deep bow of immense gratitude to Mel for one of the most intense healing experiences of my life!”

- Ehpriya, UK

“Reiki was a great, empowering self-discovery journey which I will forever be grateful for. Melanie also introduced me to Kundalini Yoga, an AMAZING and uplifting physical and spiritual practice for centering and connecting to the infinite in me.”

- Sahru Yuksel, Turkey