“You have no resistance against this sound. It is the master sound, the adi naad. Everything you think becomes zero — the gong prevails.”

Yogi Bhajan

yogi and spiritual teacher

Tuning in with mantra for a Gong Bath

Sound healing is not an invention of modern society, it is an ancient practice. Over the last couple of decades the benefits of sound healing have received worldwide acclaim and interest.  I connect this with the general trend of people seeking inner peace, a means to establish deeper connection with our own selves, getting closer to nature and going back to our roots. When I started to practice sound healing 5 years ago, there were only a handful of modern practitioners in Asia.

Through millennia, sound healing flourished and prospered in different cultures that were deeply connected to mother nature and who strongly believed in her profound healing properties. Sound healing techniques were passed through the generations by aborigines from the harsh lands of Australia, shamans in the depths of the jungle in the Amazon, monks atop the high mountains of Tibet, as well as yogis of ancient and modern times. 

My own interest in sound healing began through my practice of Kundalini yoga in Bangkok in 2013. I was immediately drawn to this yoga practice because of its holistic healing approach and use of various sound healing techniques: mantra chanting, gong therapy and prayer.

Through Kundalini Yoga, I began to explore and experience varying sound healing techniques and instruments across cultures and continents; from the use of human voice for chanting to sonic objects including crystal and singing bowls, musical instruments, singing bowls, gongs and tuning forks. I discovered that all these techniques and instruments generate sound energy, which are ultimately healing vibrations that rejuvenate and restore the balance of our body, mind and spirit. Our body has its own vibrational frequency which is rapidly rebalanced by the vibrations generated during sound healing therapy. Up to 60% of our body consists of water, which is an excellent conductor of sound waves. The ancient cultures sensed this and naturally employed sound healing therapy to “bathe” their physical, mental and intellectual bodies (so called “sheaths” in Sanskrit, meaning different layers of our being) in an ocean of pure and healing vibrations.

The term “bath” is widely used in conjunction with gong sound healing therapy. Originating in Asia, the gong is one of the most ancient healing instruments. It is the large golden disc often seen in Chinese and Buddhist rituals and ceremonies. A Gong Bath is where the receiver is immersed and bathed in the myriad vibrations generated by the gong through the player who consciously holds a sacred space to become a channel for healing. I believe that ultimately, the player, the receiver and the gong become one as their collective vibrations harmonize. A Gong Bath helps calm the mind instantly into achieving a state of deep relaxation (Theta), reduces stress all while relieving physical and emotional pain. It purifies the receiver’s emotions, cuts through incessant thoughts and eliminates any existing imbalances, whether emotional or physical. Damage and trauma to the nervous system is released, allowing for regeneration of clear pathways. Gong Baths generate a flow of higher vibrational energy for us to achieve harmony within.

Group meditation

The Gong Bath is a truly transcendent experience. I love witnessing the altered meditative and physical states achieved by participants at the end of each session. I am passionate about sharing holistic healing through gongs and Tibetan bowls, as I truly believe in their extraordinary benefits on our state wellbeing.

At Lotus Reiki & Yoga studio, we offer a large range of therapeutic private and group sessions as well as classes and certification courses. Considering Bangkok’s hectic busy-ness, I have recently added a 45 minute Gong Bath session to our class schedule which is available during weekday lunch breaks and tailored to the needs of office workers. Classes take place in the Bangkok Central Business District, just steps away from Lumpini Park. I invite you to escape the hustle and bustle of daily work life and book yourself in to reduce work stress, relax and reset in a sacred soundscape of therapeutic gong waves.



The Healing Hub in Sathorn

Group Gong Bath

Healthy refreshments post-session