Kundalini yoga – ancient science to manage modern life

A Yoga of Awareness to balance mind, body and spirit


Yoga is an ancient science that maintains and preserves the human body mind and spirit. The word ‘yoga’ means to ‘yoke’ or ‘join together’ deriving from the Sanskrit root ‘jugit’. In the practice of yoga, we join body (through physical exercises) and mind (through meditation) to raise our awareness and care for our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Yoga also raises our individual consciousness to join with the universal/infinite consciousness.

Traditionally, yoga consists not only of physical postures (asanas), but also of breathing techniques (pranayam), chanting (mantras), hand positions (mudras), body locks (bandhas), eye positions, meditation and deep relaxation. The potent combination of these exercises serves to tone our muscular-skeletal body, balance our nervous and glandular systems, improve circulation and helps us to master our mind (thoughts and emotions).

When we master our mind, we remain neutral and non-judgmental. The inner peace, physical and mental strength imparted helps us to work through any block we might be facing in life. Yoga enables us to live with heart-driven compassion for ourselves and others, to act with integrity and grace.

United body + mind + spirit = good health, feeling energized & infinite in potential.


Kundalini Yoga (KY) is the yoga of awareness and a potent, practical, scientific technology for stimulating inner energy. It is a Raj yoga that was once taught only to a select few in India but eventually made accessible to all by Yogi Bhajan in 1969 starting in America.

KY shares many aspects of other forms of yoga (including Patanjali’s 8 limbs). The fundamental difference is that it is the quickest and most efficient way to raise the Kundalini Energy to realise your full creative potential and form an alignment between our body, mind and soul. The sets and meditations in Kundalini Yoga are carefully calculated yet highly practical and most are accessible to people of all physical descriptions, regardless of previous yoga experience, age, culture or religion. KY comes to us through a lineage of historical transmission and sharing, it holds a legacy of structure and integrity beyond any individual and gives us leverage to make a difference and change our lives.

Humans are not just physical and mental beings, we are essentially energy beings, animated by prana (energy). The Kundalini Energy is our creative and infinite potential, it flows throughout our body, but a large reserve lies dormant in the spine at the root chakra. Through regular practice, KY consciously directs our consciousness to release the energy we need to excel and balance ourselves. By raising the Kundalini Energy through KY from the root to the crown chakras, we experience of our infinite self and affect change in our lives.


• Tune in with the Adi Mantra
• Pranayam and/or warm-up kriya
• Kriya
• Relaxation Gong Bath
• Meditation (*relaxation & meditation may be reversed if specified in kriya)
• Ending prayer & long Sat Naams
• Q&A/sharing moment
Yoga mats and blankets are provided. Kundalini Yoga classes follow a very specific structure to maintain the integrity of the sets as taught by Yogi Bhajan. By following the precise sequence and structure, teachers set aside ego and allow an open link to the Golden Chain of teachings, through which each kriya is taught purely and completely without personality interfering. The sets handed down to us through thousands of years are perfectly designed as unique jewels to produce very specific results. The placement of each exercise in a set directly affects and relates to the effects of other exercises within that same set, including the breath, mudras, mantras and locks. A KY teacher will never add or subtract to the sequence because that would disturb the pranic energy/life force and create unpredictable results. The only exception teachers may make is to reduce the times given in even proportions across the entire set. Some may feel light-headed as their energy rises (this is why we cover our heads to contain the prana) while others have tingling sensations, spontaneous physical twitches (indicating blockage clearance) as well as emotional releases. All these are quite normal in a KY class, the teacher will guide you through while holding a safe space for your inner healing to happen gradually.
90 minutes

Group Class: 

600 Baht nett for drop-in 

Private Class: Click Here


2,500 Baht for pre-paid 5 class package 

5,000 Baht for pre-paid 10 class package (can freeze once max. 1 month+1 Free Friend trial) 

*5/10 Class Package are valid 3/6 months each (The card is shareable with friends)

*Non-extendable, Non Refundable

*No Credit Card Payment

• Wear comfortable clothes, preferably breathable cotton in a light or white colour
• Bring a head cover/scarf
• Always inform the teacher of any medical conditions or injuries prior to class
Drink lots of room-temperature or warm water to aid in flushing out the toxins broken down by the exercises.
KY may be practiced daily, even several times a day. A good start for a beginner is two or three times a week. Come as you are able. The more time you make for yourself to practice, the better you will feel!
YES! I know from my own experience that KY works. KY has brought balance to my life, given me direction & inner peace. Here you will find some feedback from my students…