Personal transformation through meditation classes in Bangkok

Replace stress with focus, clarity & inner peace.


‘By conquering your mind, you can conquer the world’ –Yogi Bhajan
Meditation is a practical, scientific yogic tool that cuts through the automated mechanisms of the mind to help us find our centre in the ‘eye’ of any perceived storm. It cleanses the subconscious in order to synchronize the mind with the soul. Through meditation, we can control and transcend the thousand subconscious thought waves our mind releases per second to prevent unnecessary attachment and reaction. The mind exists to serve our soul, it is a complex computer which produces a thousand thought waves per second. While thoughts are a natural and necessary part of life, more often than not, we get so distracted by and attached to our thoughts, ensuing emotions and projections that we become slaves to our own mind through habit.

Attachment to emotions creates commotion in our lives, resulting in wasted focus/energy, stress, illness, bad habits and addictions.

Everyone can practice and benefit from meditation, as it uses the self-sensory system of body and mind. The key benefits of meditation are inner and outer peace which promote good health, mental & emotional balance. If we are happy and healthy, everything else in our life becomes a smooth flow from relationships to work and beyond. We become intuitive, develop clarity of mind and free ourselves from self-limiting patterns, emotions and behaviour. Emotions become devotion rather than commotion. Certain forms of meditation help re-establish damaged neurological pathways and are very effective in cases such as strokes, for instance the Kirtan Kriya.

At Lotus Reiki & Yoga, we offer a wide variety of Kundalini Yoga Meditations for specific issues and personal transformation as well as a 5-7day guided meditation course designed to develop psychic awareness (DPA).


Group meditation classes run 40-60 minutes depending on the theme set by the teacher. Private classes run for 60 minutes and will be tailored to suit your needs and abilities. Chairs, yoga mats and blankets are provided for seated and lying meditations. Some meditations may be vigorous and active, involving breath work and body movements while others may be peaceful and contemplative.


• Wear comfortable clothes, preferably breathable cotton in a light or white colour
• Bring a head cover/scarf
• Always inform the teacher of any medical conditions or injuries prior to class
• Be punctual or try to arrive 10 mins ahead of time.
• If you are late, come in as quietly as possible, then sit and centre yourself with long deep breaths before joining the meditation.
60 minutes

You may choose your Private session with

– Resident Teacher

– Senior Resident Teacher

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Drink lots of room-temperature or warm water to aid in flushing out the toxins broken down by the exercises.
This depends on the individual and their needs or state of mind. You can never over-meditate so once a week to several times a day is all good!
YES! I know from my own experience that meditation works. It has brought balance to my life, given me direction & inner peace. Here you will find some feedback from my students…


การ พัฒนา จิต เปิด ตา ที่ ๓
5-7 days certification: 20,000 Baht เรียน ๕-๗ ว้น๗
09:00-16:00 daily
(Incl. 30 guided meditations, refreshments, Reiki treatments as required & certificate).

DPA is a soul journey of self-discovery & spiritual connection facilitated by 30 guided meditations that will deepen your existing healing techniques, open your third eye & intuition. After this 7-day course, you will:

  • Establish & achieve personal goals
  • Experience, understand & quickly master different levels of consciousness
  • Be able to project intelligence & retrieve information across space and time
  • Meet your guides & call upon them for assistance
  • Broaden all fields of healing practice with efficient, intuitive scanning techniques


Kundalini Yoga offers thousands of methods for meditation to suit anyone from beginners to advanced practices, these include and are not limited to: breath, silent, mantra, focal points for eyes (dhrist), hand positions (mudras), gong, mala (prayer beads), White Tantric (group), Venus Kriyas, Tratakum (gazing). The teacher will chat with you to assess what your current needs and preferences are to recommend the right form of meditation for you.
Most meditations are practiced for 11 or 31 minutes, beginners can build up from 3 minutes. Yogic science specifies times for mediation to achieve desired affects as follows:

3 mins – affects electromagnetic field, stability & circulation of blood.
11 mins – initiates changes in glandular and nervous systems
22 mins – balances and brings the three minds (positive, negative & neutral) together
31 mins – all body rhythms, cells, 3 gunas ,31 tattvas & layers of the mind’s projections are
affected by breath, glands, concentration & psyche of the meditation.
62 mins – changes brain’s grey matter & integrates subconscious ‘shadow mind’ with outer projection
2.5 hrs – psyche is changed in relation to magnetic field, subconscious mind held in new pattern by universal mind

When practiced daily as personal Sadhana (discipline), meditation will develop life-promoting habits:

40 days – changes a habit
90 days – confirms the new habit
120 days – you become the new habit
1,000 days – you master the new habit